Sunday, November 09, 2008

YA Lit Symposium: The Wrap-up

I'm home, which is truly the best feeling in the world. In the coming days, I'll be cleaning up my posts from the symposium, by formatting them, condensing some of the information, and adding links where appropriate.

If there are any presenters who do not want the very detailed notes I posted, please drop me a comment and I'll remove them immediately, and replace them with a more narrative, less detailed recount of the presentation.

Remember, there's plenty of information available at the YALSA blog or via Twitter, too. Thanks to everyone for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts in the future!


Janssen said...

I just read most of your recaps and I loved them! I really wanted to go to the symposium, but just couldn't swing it this year (I'm currently in library school at Univ. of Texas).

Anyway, thanks for sharing.

melissa said...

You're quite welcome! I still have a few posts to finish editing/formatting/revising, so I hope you'll check those out--as well as my other posts. Glad you enjoyed my posts, and here's to hoping you'll be able to make it to next Symposium in 2010!