Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Thoughts: Cover Double-Takes

There's times that I just do a double-take when I look at a book cover, because the photo is similar to another book . . . or the same picture, as I've talked about before. This one, though, is definitely an odder double-take, because is it just me, or is it the same boy on the covers of these books?

Edited to Add: In the comments below, another book with the same photo was identified.


Alicia said...

There's yet another book with a cover taken from this same exact photo shoot! Tina Radziszewicz's Ready or Not. I must admit though that I didn't make this finding on my own. Keri over at My Life In... caught this similarity back in April.

melissa said...

Oh, good catch! I remember seeing that book a few years ago, when I was on Popular Paperbacks. Bravo to Keri.

[goes to edit her post]