Monday, February 01, 2010

Crosspost: New to Me: Flowers in the Attic

January's New to Me is Flowers in the Attic. Head over to the YALSA Blog to see my take on this "classic".

As a side note . . . many of us are familiar with the traditional V.C. Andrews cover style. But check out these two new covers!

This one gets what I've called "The Twilight Treatment".

And this one . . . is it just me, or does it look like a standard romance novel?


hcmurdoch said...

I remember reading these in junior high or high school and being disgusted and fascinated all at the same time. Then, of course, devouring all her books.

Aimee said...

That second FitA cover you've posted (the romance-y one) was the edition of the book I tried to read, but the cover itself skeeved me out so much that I couldn't continue. I should give it another go - it's a "new to me" book to me, too, and I have a lot of friends who can't believe I've never read it.