Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: Sorta Like a Rock Star

Sorta Like a Rock Star
Matthew Quick
2010; Little, Brown; ISBN 978-0-316-04352-6 (hardcover)

Summary: Amber Appleton is a Princess of Hope. She teaches Korean ladies English by singing Supremes songs. She volunteers at a retirement home, making mean Joan of Old smile. She tells scary people in the ghetto "Hope you're having a great day!" Whatever happens, she has faith in the big JC. Amber knows that her mom will find enough money to get them an apartment, so they can stop living in the school bus her mom drives. But when a tragic event sucks all the hope out of Amber, her friends--her boys, Donna, Father Chee, Private Jackson, and more--will come together to show her that there's always room for hope.

Sorta Like a Rock Star isn't a typical novel. It's got faith, hope, haikus, dogs, a Marketing Club, old people, Korean soul singers and a variety show. It's a fairy tale story, inspirational and heartwarming and a little bit sad. While the characters have a wealth of eccentricities, that doesn't make them feel any less real. And in Amber, Matthew Quick has created a princess worthy of this fairy tale. Not unlike My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger, Sorta Like a Rock Star is an enchanting book that will sweep you away.

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Scott Humfeld said...

Amber IS a rock star and is one of the most inspirational characters I've come across in long time. Sorta Like A Rock Star is a terrific story loaded with great characters. Mr. Quick has done an admirable job with this fine novel. A must read.