Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review: Accomplice

Eireann Corrigan
2010; Scholastic; ISBN 978-0-545-05236-8 (hardback)

Summary: Finn and Chloe have a plan, one that will help them get into elite colleges more than all the good grades and community service will. They will pretend that Chloe has vanished, creating a media frenzy around the disappearance of a pretty teenager. Then, Finn will rescue Chloe, creating a heartwarming story of friendship. But, as Chloe hides in the house belonging to Finn's absent grandmother, Finn slowly sees that what they're creating affects not just the two of them. The plan begins falling apart and Finn starts questioning what they're doing and her friendship with Chloe. Even though Chloe will return home safely, nothing will ever be the same.

A tense psychological drama, Accomplice derives much of its tension not from Chloe's disappearance, which the readers knows is all a sham. Instead, the conflict comes from Finn seeing the impact of this "victimless" crime--one that was supposed to make Chloe and Finn's lives better. Instead, their friendship will deteriorate as Finn grapples with her guilt and the reality of Chloe's true nature. Even the best friendships can have a toxic element, one that can poison the relationship unexpectedly. This tale of friendship and family will be welcomed by readers looking for a warts-and-all approach to life.

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