Thursday, September 16, 2010

Review: Not That Kind of Girl

Not That Kind of Girl
Siobhan Vivian
2010; PUSH (Scholastic); ISBN 978-0-545-16815-8 (hardcover)

Summary: Natalie is a smart, in-control girl.  She's in AP classes, the president of her school's student council, and full of plans for her future.  But in her senior year, Natalie finds herself confronting a lot of questions about what it means to be a girl.  Her best friend Autumn, the victim of a no-good boy three years earlier, seems to be making the same mistakes again.  Spencer, the freshman girl that Natalie is trying to mentor, doesn't want Natalie's advice on how to act around boys.  And then there's Connor, the football player that makes Natalie feel so many new emotions.  To figure otu what kind of girl she is, Natalie will end up asking herself one important question.

A moving look at self-discovery and female dynamics, Siobhan Vivian is establishing herself as the voice of teenage girls.  In the tightly-wound Natalie, readers can see the perils of staying closed off from experiences and people.  The relationships are spot-on, a real highlight of this very readable novel.  Pair Not That Kind of Girl with Sara Zarr's Story of a Girl for a one-two punch of female empowerment.

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Michelle said...

I just finished this one over the weekend. I really enjoyed that Natalie was a girl who had ambition and goals outside of which boy she wanted to land as her prom date.