Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Virgin Territory

Virgin Territory
James Lecesne
2010; Egmont; ISBN 978-1-60684-081-8 (hardcover)

Summary: Dylan is an unhappy transplant to Jupiter, Florida.  Never mind that it happened almost ten years ago: he's still upset that his father moved them away from New York City.  It was supposed to be a fresh start after the death of Dylan's mother.  Instead, Dylan is drifting, working at a golf course and isolated from others.  Then, a sighting of the Virgin Mary at the golf course changes Dylan's life.  He meets a girl named Angela, he makes new friends, and he reconnects with his father.  Is it because of the Virgin Mary, God, or another powerful being?  Or maybe it's just Dylan figuring things out . . .

With its cast of likable characters, Virgin Territory looks at the intersection of faith and life.  Mary followers, who travel all over the country to sighting locations, arrive in Jupiter and create upheaval in the small town.  Thanks to his new friends, Dylan slowly begins to recover from his mother's death, which occurred the day before the 9/11 attacks.  This recovery also allows Dylan to start repairing his relationship with his father.  Pair Virgin Territory with The Patron Saint of Butterflies for two examinations of spirituality in modern life. 

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