Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: Fixing Delilah

Fixing Delilah
Sarah Ockler
2010; Little, Brown; ISBN 978-0-316-05209-2 (hardcover)

Summary: Delilah Hannaford has a workaholic mother, bad grades, and a nonboyfriend.  She feels lost and doesn't know how to find herself.  Then her mother uproots her for the summer, to return to the Vermont lake house that belonged to Delilah's grandmother.  Nana has just died, after eight years of estrangement from Delilah and her mother.  Along with Delilah's aunt Rachel, the three remaining Hannaford women need to clean up the lake house and plan Nana's funeral.  Over the summer, Delilah will make new friends, rediscover old relationships, and learn about the aunt she never knew.  Best of all, she will figure out just who she is.

Anyone with a complicated family will connect with the story in Fixing Delilah.  As the characters struggle with old secrets and new challenges, the reader follows along, wondering if these people will ever form a connection.  Delilah labors with her feelings about her mother, her grandmother, and her aunt Stephanie, who died before Delilah was born.  Slowly, she learns that the beauty of family is that there can be another chance to repair broken bridges.  The family drama is lightened by Delilah's romance with the charming, handsome boy next door.  The end of the summer sees Delilah making her peace with her family and her past, allowing her to focus on her future.  Pair Fixing Delilah with other family novels like The Sweetness of Salt by Cecelia Galante (read my review).

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