Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Fun: What's Popular at Librarian by Day?

I admit that I am rather compulsive about checking the statistics for this blog.  Thanks to, I have a great deal of material at my fingertips to indulge such compulsions.

For example, what are the most popular reviews here at librarian by day?
1.  Chasing Lincoln's Killer
2.  All the Broken Pieces
3.  Will Grayson, Will Grayson
4.  Escape Under the Forever Sky
5.  The Musician's Daughter

What's even more interesting about this list is that Chasing Lincoln's Killer is extremely popular, with the following four novels put together not having the equal of the hits of that book.

Other interesting factoids:
--Some of the search terms that have brought searchers to this blog are "easy steampunk crafts for teens", "book: quakan, twin boys from two brothers", and "how does carbon diaries 2015 end?".
--Visitors from the following five states are the most frequent visitors to librarian by day are Texas, Illinois, Maryland, Arkansas and Pennsylvania.
--Since August of 2010, I've seen at least 1000 unique visitors a month to the blog.

It's that last fact that I'm proudest of.  I'm so thrilled that so many readers have visited librarian by day, and that you enjoy my reviews.  I hope that I'll continue to entertain and inform for many months to come!

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