Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Review: Sean Griswold's Head

Sean Griswold's Head
Lindsey Leavitt
2011; Bloomsbury; ISBN 978-1-59990-498-6 (hardcover)

Summary:  Payton has never had trouble focusing before.  In fact, she was too good at it.  But when her parents reveal that they've kept secret her father's diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Payton goes off the rails.  Forced into counseling, Payton is instructed to pick a Focus Object, as a way to process her feelings.  So Payton picks Sean Griswold's head, which she's spent years staring at in her classes.  Once Payton starts focusing on Sean, though, she realizes just how much there is to him.  Now, she isn't just scared about her father's health--she's worried about Sean.  Will she let her fears ruin her life?

Mixing family and friendship drama with first love, Sean Griswold's Head has a little of everything.  Between Payton's type-A personality to Sean's laid-back attitude, Leavitt captures the sparks that fly when opposites attract.  Although Payton's falling out with best friend Jac distracts from the family and love storylines, it does show Payton's problem with pulling away when times are bad.  By the end of the novel, she's learned that it's better to have people in her life, even if she'll lose them someday.  Anyone looking for a great summer read will find one in Sean Griswold's Head.  Pass this one along to fans of E. Lockhart and Jenny Han.

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