Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Holy unexpected return, Batman!

Yeah, I know I kind of fell off the face of the earth when it came to blogging.  But there were reasons.
--I wrote a genre guide to historical fiction, which meant I read part of over 700 books in just over a year.
--I immediately followed that up by serving on the Printz and reading a ton.

I knew after those events that I would need to make my life easier when it came to reading.  That I needed to take some time off.  And in the process, I dropped blogging.  I didn't stop reading; anyone who follows me on Goodreads knows that.  But doing the blogging thing just lost its appeal for a while.

But after I read GreenBean TeenQueen's great post on After Committee Reading Slump and attended BEA, I decided I'd like to try to get more active again.  To start sharing my book thoughts again and see what happens.

I plan to participate in the 48-Hour Book Challenge this weekend (for the first time ever!  In previous years, I was working and just couldn't accommodate it) which will help jump-start the blogging.  I'm looking forward to wading through my TBR pile and enjoying some of the ARCs I got at BEA as well as books that have been waiting too long for me to read.  This year, the 48-Hour Book Challenge will be hosted by Ms. Yingling and Abby the Librarian.

So here goes nothing!

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