Monday, May 11, 2009

Review: The Teashop Girls

The Teashop Girls
Laura Schaefer
2008; Simon & Schuster; 978-1-4169-6793-4 (hardcover)

Summary: As the end of eighth grade approaches and high school looms, Annie can't help feeling threatened by all the changes in her life. And while her best friends--serious tennis player Zoe and fun boy-crazy Genna--seem like adults, she feels like a kid. Her sanctuary is the Steeping Leaf, her grandmother Louisa's teashop and the place that Annie likes best in the world. But when the Leaf is threatened, will the Teashop Girls be able to pull together and save the shop?

A truly heartwarming read--even for someone who doesn't like tea--The Teashop Girls brings a gentle charm to its story of growing up and facing change. Annie is a very believable thirteen-year-old, with her crush on an older boy and her friendship dramas. Louisa is a grandmother that many of us would love to have. Recipes and tea facts, sprinkled through the book, add an extra dimension to the story. For the middle school girls who read Ann Brashares' 3 Willows and want more friendship stories, The Teashop Girls is a perfect choice.

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