Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Let's Tour Medina Hill

Let's Tour Medina Hill: Blog Tour
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome! Thank you for joining us from Cindy's Love of Books.
Look into the past, a time of heroes and heartbreak. As a young boy tries to regain his voice, he discovers several worlds different from his own. Will Dominic talk to anyone outside his family? Will his sister Marlo ever do more than read the recipes in her cookbook? And how will these two siblings make a difference in a small Cornish town? The answers await in Medina Hill.

In this novel, a book that captures a time and place, several stories gently mingle into a larger one. It's a difficult task to blend T.E. Lawrence, the Romany, an artist's colony and a boy's coming-of-age, yet Trilby Kent achieves just that. Dominic's worries and fears become our own; but his interests and excitements also intrigue the reader. Several of the supporting characters, like Marlo, Sancha the Roma girl, and the Reverend Cleary, are vivid and engaging. For modern middle-schoolers who don't know much about Lawrence of Arabia or Britain in the 1930s, Medina Hill will open their eyes to the heroes and lifestyles of the past.

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