Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Historical Fiction Month Wrap-Up

During the month of November, I hope that you have gained a new appreciation for historical fiction.  It's a genre of fiction that is flexible, dynamic, and dare I say it, popular. 

Neil Gaiman once described graphic novels not as a format, but as a genre, a container for whatever you want to put into it.  Historical fiction is the same: you can add another genre like fantasy, ideas like feminism, or techniques like flashbacks in order to create the novel.  For readers, this is a blessing and a curse.  In the hands of a good author, historical fiction can be transformed into a thrilling page-turner.  But done badly, historical fiction is bland and boring. 

This month, many great works of historical fiction have been featured on librarian by day.  Whether you've become a new fan of the genre or have remembered why you love historical fiction, I thank you for reading this month. 

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