Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Review: Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun
David Macinnis Gill
2010; HarperCollins; ISBN 978-0-06-167304-7 (hardcover)

Summary: Durango is many things.  He's a Regulator, one of the soliders/protectors who are fiercely loyal.  He's also a dalit, a Regulator without a master.  Like the samurai on Earth, Durango and his rag-tag crew of other dalit Regulators criss-cross Mars, trying to earn enough money to fill their bellies.  A job protecting the miners of Fishers Four will barely do that.  What's worse, Durango and the other Regulators will be facing the Draeu, legendary cannibals that scare almost everyone on Mars.  As he tries to protect the miners and his crew, Durango is forced to confront many hard truths about his life and about survival. 

A gripping science fiction adventure, David Macinnis Gill has combined several elements in his second novel.  Taking the idea of Japanese samurai and mixing it with the red planet creates an unusual world, one that is slowly explained to the reader.  To keep those readers turning the pages, Gill fills the story with action setpieces and a dash of romance between Durango and his second-in-command, Vienne.  Reluctant readers are likely to enjoy this sci-fi flick in book form. 

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