Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: Exposed

Kimberly Marcus
2011; Random House; ISBN 978-0-375-86693-7 (hardcover)

Summary:  For Liz, her comfortable life is full of constants: her parents, her camera, and her forever-best friend Kate.  As she enters her senior year of high school and prepares for college, Liz thinks her life will remain the same.  When Kate begins to pull away from her after they have a small fight at one of their monthly sleepovers, Liz doesn't understand.  Then Kate reveals that Liz's brother Mike raped her during their sleepover.  Now Liz has a head full of questions.  What is the truth?  How does Mike's behavior reflect on Liz?  And most important, will Liz ever have back her forever-best friend?

Exposed relates a story of friendship, family, heartache and guilt in moving free verse.  Liz's confusion and shame is fully explored, as she grapples to discover what really happened between Kate and Mike.  She tries to lean on her boyfriend and her photographs, but gradually Liz hits rock bottom as she realizes her opinion on the matter.  This experience shows Liz gradually maturing, her life going from black and white to shades of gray.  The debut novel of Kimberly Marcus, Exposed will be enjoyed by fans of novels in verse. 

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