Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: The Lost Crown

The Lost Crown
Sarah Miller
2011; Atheneum (Simon & Schuster); ISBN 978-1-4169-8340-8 (hardcover)

Summary:  They are sheltered young woman in the midst of turbulent times.  The four daughters of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia have little knowledge of the world outside their palace.  Anastasia is the mischievous and clever youngest daughter, Maria just wants to get married and have lots of babies.  Tatiana is the "Governess" and solves problems, and oldest one Olga is both shy and observant.  It's 1916, and World War I is going badly for Russia.  When revolution upends society, the tsar and his family are caught in the middle.  The four sisters rely on each other to survive captivity, but there are some things that even sisters can't help each other with.

The Lost Crown vividly portrays the uncertainty that existed during the Russian Revolution.  Like a horror movie, the tension slowly builds.  While the four sisters attempt to rise above the indignities of their imprisonment, struggling with fear and boredom, the reader wonders if they realize that the noose is tightening.  Each sister's voice is well-drawn, allowing their different personalities to shine through.  Taking a well-known historical event and creating suspense is a remarkable accomplishment, and Sarah Miller has achieved it.  Readers who enjoy family stories will be drawn to this novel based on a real-life historical tragedy.

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