Thursday, July 07, 2011

Review: Strings Attached

Strings Attached
Judy Blundell
2011; Scholastic; ISBN 978-0-545-22126-9 (hardcover)

Summary: All Kit wants is to perform on Broadway.  She's a great dancer, a talented singer, and has some potential as an actress.  After she breaks up with her volatile boyfriend Billy--a breakup that leads Billy to the Army--Kit flees Providence for New York.  Catching a break isn't easy, and when Kits gets an unbelievable offer, she takes it.  Billy's father, the powerful lawyer Nate Benedict, sets Kit up in an apartment, gives her clothes, helps her get a job in a nightclub.  All she has to do is perform a few favors, like writing to Billy.  Kit grows uneasy, especially after a violent murder and a train accident leads Kit to uncover the secret relationship between her family and Billy's.

Showing the same talent for capturing mid-twentieth century America as in her first book, Judy Blundell has created a more accessible novel in Strings Attached.  Shifts in time and place, from 1950 New York to 1930s Rhode Island, heighten the mystery that slowly develops.  Kit is equal parts spunk and naivete, a young woman beginning to find her own footing.  Her relationships with Billy and her family--her father, her aunt Delia, and her brother and sister--are well-drawn, advancing the lot as well as providing shading to each character.  Strings Attached will be warmly received by fans of What I Saw and How I Lied and Ten Cents a Dance.

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